Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Health

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We all want to live a vibrant healthy life. But with our crazy fast-paced world, and a bombardment of mixed messages about healthy choices and harmful habits, avoiding illness has become pretty confusing! So, let’s get down to the basics and keep it simple…

1. Eat a cooked, well balanced breakfast

In Chinese Medicine, each organ in the body has a particular time when it is strongest and most effective.  The stomach, for example, does its best digesting between 7 and 9 am.  Consequently, eating a spectacular breakfast means getting the optimum nutritional benefit from your food.  A warm, cooked breakfast (such as an omelette, soup, stew, congee or left-over dinner) is easiest to digest, boosts your metabolism, and will keep you energized throughout the day.

2. Do calming, gentle exercise every day

runningDaily exercise is essential to keep energy, blood and nutrients circulating freely throughout the body.  When we are inactive, things begin to stagnate and accumulate, leading to poor health.

It is important to do the right kind, and right amount of exercise.  Over-exercising, or participating in activities that stress and strain the body can be just as detrimental to your health as lack of exercise.  Activities which use the whole body, such as walking, swimming, yoga, Tai Qi, are some examples of great ways to build strength, flexibility, and keep your energy flowing.

3. Daily quiet time

Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet your body and mind.  But, there are other ways to get your daily “quiet time”.  How ’bout a peaceful hike in the woods, or reading a book by the fire, or perhaps a craft or hobby – anything which allows you to “check in” with yourself, while disconnecting with the stresses of the day.

4. Manage your stress

Daily exercise and “quiet time” are two great habits to keep stress at bay.  Gratitude – regularly being thankful for all of the positive things in your life, is a powerful way to stay positive and energized even in the face of adversity.  However, when stress becomes severe and overwhelming, seek help.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is excellent at balancing the body and emotions to promote a sense of calm wellbeing.

5. Improve your sleep

Good sleep and good health go hand in hand.  Try to go to sleep by 11pm. This allows the body to enter deep sleep where it can repair and rejuvenate. Turn off electronic devices at least an hour before bed.  Establish a regular bedtime routine.  Nix the bedtime snack and late dinner.

6. Eat small, nutritious meals every 3 hours or so

Keep energized without over-taxing your digestive system.

7. Eat according to the season273_0_fresh-fruits-vegetables-2419

Local, seasonal produce will guide you to the foods you should eat during each season.  The simple rule is: eat warming cooked foods during colder weather.  Eat cooling, refreshing foods during hot weather.

8. Dress according to the season and environment

To prevent illness, it is important to protect yourself from the elements (wind, cold, heat, damp, and dryness), by wearing appropriate clothing and footwear.  It is especially important to keep your neck warm and protected.  Good thing scarves are so fashionable right now!

9. Eliminate pre-packaged, artificial foods, and replace them with nutritious natural foods


10. Get regular acupuncture treatmentsTaking Care of Me - Acupuncture, Health and Wellness

An Acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine Practitioner can support your wellness and help you create a balanced lifestyle.

Yours in good health,


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