You Are Not Alone

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When you sip your tea, eat a delicious meal, listen to beautiful music, get carried away by a good book or movie, relax in the comfort of your home, or turn on the tap for clean fresh water…

take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work and loving care that goes into everything that nourishes your world.

Every single thing you experience each day is a miraculous co-creation of generations.

A harmonious intermingling of Nature and Humankind. 


photo credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Eastern cultures have a clear understanding of the interrelationship between humans and nature, past and present.  They embrace their Ancestral Family Lines and Cultural Heritage.

History, knowledge, skills and traditions can be traced back through many generations. Chinese Medicine and Taiji, for example, have a rich lineage dating back thousands of years.

Honouring ancestral roots creates a strong sense of community, belonging, and interconnectedness.

Here in the Western world, we are preoccupied with the future. All things new. Innovative. Original.

We certainly have achieved many great things!

And yet… we forget that we did not create these modern advancements alone or in isolation.

We often do not acknowledge the wealth of inspiration and guidance from our historical past, ancestral lineage, and those around us. Our sense of community is insufficient, leaving us feeling disconnected and alone.

photo credit: Nicholas Hatherly from Pexels

So how do we cultivate a strengthening of our roots, a celebration of cultural heritage, and an awareness of our lineage?


Take a moment to reflect on all that goes into the things you use, experience and accomplish each day.

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For example, I recently had the opportunity to see a wonderful theatrical production.

photo credit: Pixabay

The fantastic story, the drama, the talented performers, the music, lighting, costumes… it was spectacular!

When I think about all of the work that goes into a performance like this, it boggles my mind!

But, for a moment, let’s think back even further…

The theatre, the writer, composer, musicians, actors, set designers, lighting and sound technicians… each has their own “lineage”.

The theatre, for example, was designed and built by the hands of many, who were educated and inspired by those before them. Materials were sourced and produced around the world, lovingly transformed into the items required. Painstakingly assembled to create a place of beauty and usefulness – to be enjoyed by generations to come.

And what about the cup of tea or coffee we had at intermission?

photo credit: Burst from Pexels

Have you ever considered the forces which conspire to make these dearly loved beverages?

The years of careful cultivation. Sun. Rain. Soil. The skill of those harvesting, processing, preparing, transporting.

Your beautiful mug.

The water.

The aroma.

The taste. Heaven!

Ah, now let’s make this even more personal. Let’s talk about you.

Never forget that you are a miracle – a joyous intermingling of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

You are as much a part of nature’s lineage as any plant, animal, drop of rain, or ray of sunshine. Everything you do, share, and accomplish nurtures the collective consciousness of the world, for generations to come.

photo credit: Samir Belhamra from Pexels

You are love, joy, creativity.

You matter.

And you are not alone.


Yours in good health,


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